Our Value Proposition 

At NG Consulting we accompany you in your transformation process by providing a Personalized Administrative Management and Financial Planning Service, with an organization of processes that allows you to increase productivity, save time and money and be sure of having control of the information you need to plan and direct your growth and that of your company.

“To become allies of company leaders, promoting their value-added generation, in order to achieve their corporate sustainability”.

“Provide business consulting services and traditional professional services, to help boost the business of our clients”.



We have the skills and abilities needed to provide the services.


We adapt to our customers needs.


We keep our promises.


We get involved with our clients and their situations.


We have coherence between what we say an do.

Natalia A. Gómez

I am Natalia, founder of NG Consulting. Having graduated as a Public Accountant and a Bachelor of Business Administration at U.B.A., during the last 20 years, I have acquired tools and skills in various companies ranging from Accounting Studies, Private Companies of various sizes, to even Multinationals.

My experience throughout these two decades now allows me to direct NG Consulting, providing services to companies of different activities, in the area of ​​Administration and Finance, supporting my clients’ businesses and their operations. NG Consulting specializes in Services, Technology, Energy and Oil & Gas companies.

Complementarily, as a Certified Professional Ontological Coach graduated in 2021, I apply coaching tools with my clients to help them in their learning and transformation processes from a current situation in which they find themselves, to another desired by them and that they want to achieve.

In this way, I can provide a broad service, where the technical skills are enriched with soft skills such as the practice of coaching conversations, which allows clients to clarify issues related to their beliefs and models that limit them in managing their businesses.

My interest is to accompany entrepreneurs, founders and owners of companies- who dedicate so much effort and resources to obtain their products or services-, in their growth, transformation and consolidation processes as Businessmen/women.


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