Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Company with Professional and Personalized Organization and Management

¿ Did you know that the productivity of small businesses in some countries has been declining in the last years?

One of the factors explaining the divergence of productivity between small companies compared to medium and large ones, is Business Management.

Solutions for your business sustainability

While an “entrepreneur” is focused on the operation, a “businessman/woman has an eye on all aspects of the business that go far beyond the operational tasks.

Being focused, most of the time, on the operational makes:

  • You miss opportunities;
  • You fail to reach the full potential of the business, even though it is actually being profitable;
  • Efficiency and performance could be certainly improved; and,
  • That you need to expand the recognition of your company in the market.

The main challenge then, for every founder or owner, is to become a Businessman/Woman.

¡If you don’t want to continue losing those business opportunities due to lack of proper planning, organization and management, now, is the right time to start this collaborative project!

At NG Consulting, we provide you with a personalized Administrative Management and Financial Planning service with a Process Organization so that you increase the Productivity of your company, save time, money and have the security of having everything under control.

Improving management and work procedures.

So that you can manage in an uncertainty environment, minimizing risks of losses, inefficiencies and frustrations.

The Growth Process of your company, begins like this:


Schedule a Meeting

Meet with Natalia and define where you want to go. 


Create a Plan

Together we will create a flexible plan to help you to achieve your goals


Get Results

Start being succesful in an organized and Strees-free manner 

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    Some of our customers

    “The service provided by Natalia was of high quality, with great performance results. The objective for which the job was requested was widely achieved”.


    “I want to highlight Natalia’s excellent predisposition to advise in a clear, effective and above all, with a lot of patience manner”.

    Since 2020 we have provided traditional monthly Accounting and Tax services. Annual Publication Balance and Annual Taxes.

    “Natalia is my ally for the financial management of my company”.


    ¡ Become the Businessman who maximizes the results of your company!

    Let’s start this collaborative project.

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