“Coach” is called to the person who leads others from one place where they actually are (what they are achieving or being today) to another place where they want to be (what they want to achieve or be).

Coaching is a professional practice based on interpretation that understands that the desired results are obtained by changing the person’s look. Changing the look, the actions will change, and other results will be obtained. It is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance and helping them learn, rather than teaching them.

Coaching takes place in “Coaching Sessions” which are conversations where through questions and different resources (exercises and dynamics), the Coach’s objective is that his client or Coachee change their limiting interpretation of what is happening to them. The objective is that this new interpretation can generate new alternatives or actions to obtain the desired result.

Therefore, the purpose of coaching is to help create awareness, responsibility to the coachee and help him think for himself.

Coaching benefits are:

– Improve personal and professional performance

– Develop people’s potential

– Facilitates self-awareness

– Improves personal bonds

– Improves quality of life

– Increases creativity

– Increases the ability to adapt to change

– Allows the achievement of extraordinary results, among others.

Unlike a Consultant, the Coach DOES NOT diagnose problems, or issue opinions or provide solutions.

The coach does not treat mental disorders such as Psychotherapy or Psychiatry either. He is not a counselor, mentor or trainer. He only asks questions based on what the client or Coachee says and helps him to have a different look.

Would you dare to try Coaching?